Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Social debate

I've been reading a lot lately about four-day work weeks. Utah is making the new schedule mandatory for all government agencies except schools and emergency services. And State Superintendent of Schools Cathy Cox floated the idea last week as a way of saving money for the 2009-10 school year.
I've been saying for years (at least I say it every time the price of postage goes up) that I wish the U.S. Postal service would cut back on their delivery days. Really, I don't need to get those bills and sale ads on Saturday. Stay home, have a weekend, save some gas.
Imagine working four ten-hour days instead of five eights. What would be the complications? The benefits? As a parent, I'm thinking it would make a better balance between work and home life. Also as a parent, I'm thinking I have a hard enough time overseeing dinner, homework, bath and bedtime when I leave the office at 5. But I'm also guessing we'd all adjust, and be grateful on Fridays.
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--Misty Cline works for the Office of Marketing and Communications. She loves 3-day weekends, but is a natural pessimist. "Weekends are just a different kind of work," she says.

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