Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paying it forward

I went to college with a plan to pay for it. I would up with a plesant surprise: a scholarship in the second half of my freshman year. Oh, I still worked, but that scholarship made it about $1,000 easier each year.
FVSU is getting ready to shatter another incoming-class record. About 1,500 Fall 2008 freshmen are packing their bags and saying "see you soon" to their families. And for some of them, it will be "see you sooner."
Because without an infusion of scholarship money, some of those students will be going home before the end of August. Projections indicate that FVSU will need about $250,000 more than what we already have to help students this fall. And time is running out as school starts in three weeks.
So visit the FVSU Web site:
Help a student stay in school.

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