Monday, July 7, 2008

How well do you know FVSU?

Many thanks to Anderson House Museum Director Berry Jordan, as he's developed the "quiz" I'll be sharing with you this week. Think you know a lot about FVSU? Then these should be easy:
1. The First Morrill Act refers to:
a. The Land-Grant of 1890
b. The Civil Rights Act of 1964
c. The LAnd-Grant Act of 1862
d. None of the above

2. John W. Davidson was
a. The first president of FVSU
b. The first principal of Fort Valley High and Industrial School
c. The first mayor of Fort Valley
d. A professor in the history department

3. One thing that has been consistently emphasized in the mission statement of FVSU since its inception has been:
a. students
b. community
c. administration
d. people

Answers to follow tomorrow!

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