Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A student's perspective: Freshman induction

On the evening of the New Wildcat Induction Ceremony, I vividly remember changing outfits at least three times. Upon entering the doors of the HPE Complex, I realized that I was not the only freshman excited about the evening’s events. Once I acquired my seat, I began to feel sorry for the influx of students who arrived later than I, and were instructed to take a seat in the bleachers. However, true to Fort Valley form, the administration and Student Ambassadors came together to get more seats and tables, so that all the students and families could have a place to sit and partake in their meals.
While listening to the various speakers, seeing the enthusiasm of the upperclassmen and the unity of my fellow freshmen, something came over me, and I fell in mad love with the Fort Valley State University. The keynote speaker, Mr. Keith Brown, caught my attention by being clothed in a blue robe and pacing about the floor of the gym during his introduction. Almost simultaneously, he sparked my laughter and woke me up with his dance/rap number to the beat of "Everyday I’m Hustlin’" by rapper Rick Ross. His deep and wise insight, paired with attention grabbing, youth-oriented delivery, vehemently fought his case as perhaps the greatest motivational speaker I have ever encountered. Also, as a minister, I found it very touching that his ending number would be "Never Would Have Made It" by gospel powerhouse Marvin Sapp. Seeing the reaction of my fellow classmates, I was comforted by the thought that I was not alone in my love for and gratitude toward the Lord.
All points considered—negative and positive—I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the evening of the New Wildcat Induction Ceremony. I thank the Lord Almighty for affording me the opportunity to be a member of the Fort Valley State University family, and I look forward to attending many more programs hosted by my school.
There truly is no place like the Valley.

--Dominique Vidal Nichols is a Presidential Scholar at Fort Valley State University. Presidential scholarships are automatically awarded to qualified applicants to the school.

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