Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Financial aid maze, part II

The economy is forcing parents of college students to find ways to pay for tuition, books and housing. FVSU’s marketing and communications office scans Web sites daily looking for information to help our students and their parents. Shonda Lewis came across an ABC news online story about scholarship competitions which fund awards for women and students of color, but aren’t well publicized. Visit and Apparently, the founders of the site don’t advertise. Information about it is traveling by word-of-mouth. A free scholarship search site will be launched January, 2009. Lewis is a member of She received an email about scholarships for working moms. HBCU Connect partners with to offer information.

Students and parents should also visit According the ABC story, the site is the source of $16,000 in scholarships monthly. Through corporate sponsorships, the founders hope to increase that amount to $150,000 a month. Students who have tutoring skills can actually make extra money at another site, The company pays students to help other students with homework. Check our blog for other tidbits of information we receive.

The mother who posted a response to yesterday’s blog about financial aid should contact Dr. Canter Brown at for assistance.

--Vickie Oldham is the director of Marketing and Communications at Fort Valley State University


Bobbie Nichols said...

This young man in this article, Dominique Vidal Nichols. I am searching for my grandson by that same name. I named him. He was born Dec 4th. If this is not him, it is too much of a coincident! Please be kind to acknowledge.

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