Thursday, April 24, 2008

New appreciation for a small school

As Fort Valley State University prepares for growth, it is reassuring to see hiring keep up with expected enrollment.

My current attempt to take some rather obscure online courses from a much larger university has led me to a new found appreciation for schools FVSU's size. In fact, as I was transferred for the sixth time in one phone call to yet another department, and then was left completely without satisfaction of my question, I wished (not for the first time) I could just take the courses here.

I'm certain at FVSU my class would not have filled even prior to my early registration appointment. I'm certain someone would have been able to answer my questions. And I'm certain I would have been able to take my problems to the highest level, what with President Rivers' accessibility to FVSU students.

In fact, between Dr. Rivers' MySpace and Facebook pages, his daily meals in the cafeteria, his workouts in the Health and Physical Education Complex, and his appearances at most campus functions, students have ample opportunity to express their concerns directly to "the man." And, I'm pleased to say, they seem to appreciate that accessibility.


--Misty Cline works in the Office of Marketing and Communications

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