Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Medicinal plant studies alive and well

Fort Valley State University symposium efforts continue nearly a year later

The information from a five-day symposium about the health benefits of medicinal and nutraceutical plants continues to have positive impact nearly a year later. Since last November, a 432-page publication has been available to researchers, professors and anyone else interested in learning more about medicinal and nutraceutical plants. The book is the result of the well-attended symposium called “A Roadmap to a Healthy Future” that was hosted by Fort Valley State University.

Last March, Dr. Anand Yadav, an FVSU horticulture professor, coordinated the event attended by nearly 100 scientists, educators and plant growers from around the world. More than 60 symposium presenters gave cutting-edge views of how plants make mankind healthier. There were many Power Point presentations that elaborated on research topics pertaining to plants.

These presentations, which were the result of research papers, have been transformed and compiled to create the publication entitled, “Proceedings of the International Symposium on Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants.”

“Mankind has been using plants to treat illness and accidents since people began treating their cuts and wounds more than two millenniums ago,” Yadav said. “All we’re doing today is continuing that practice with newer tools of investigation.”

The symposium put a spotlight on today’s accelerated research of medicinal plants, Yadav said, and the book offers that research to the symposium attendees who want to revisit information presented at the event last year. Also, the book can be used by people who were unable to attend the symposium. “This publication will be used by the researchers and whoever else wants information about a technique compound. Teachers who want more information about plants can also use it,” said Yadav, editor of the publication that includes graphs and color photos.

Symposium participants, who traveled from 19 states and 23 nations, have been offered the publication. It is also available online at http://www.actahort.org/ Abstracts about the 46 articles included in the book are available to view for free.

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