Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FVSU Professors chosen as Glasser Scholars

Two FVSU professors will train at a premiere research institute developed by a psychology pioneer. Dr. Jeri Crowell, from FVSU’s School Counseling Program, and Gloria Cisse, a Valley Behavioral Health Services Counselor and Field Placement Coordinator for Social Work, were chosen as 2008 Glasser Scholars. Cisse and Crowell will attend a series of three intensive training courses in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy at the Glasser Institute, along with 12 other faculty members from around the country. Dr. Robert E. Wubbolding, the institute’s director of training and Chair of the Professional Development Committee, will supervise the training.

“Reality therapy is one of the most identified foundations for counseling in schools now,” says Crowell.

Reality therapy, a counseling method developed by Dr. William Glasser in 1965, is designed to help individuals reconnect to other people. It is based on his “choice theory” axiom: “Is what I’m doing getting me closer to the people I need?” If not, the therapist helps individuals choose better behaviors to accomplish this goal.

In exchange for the opportunity to attend the training session, Cisse and Crowell will conduct research for The Glasser Institute. They will also take a basic and an advanced practicum – where they’ll need to utilize the skills they’ve learned during the workshops and integrate the theory with practices and implement them in an environment.

“This training will enhance my counseling work with FVSU students, especially when the School Counseling Program begins accepting students in Fall 2008,” says Cisse. “FVSU will benefit from the opportunity by having in-house specialists trained in this theoretical orientation.”

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