Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's a war out there

At the 25th Anniversary luncheon for the Cooperative Developmental Energy Program, representatives from Shell, AGL and other energy companies spoke about the battle for qualified new employees.

"We work together to get top students into energy programs, provide them with scholarships, and get them throught the pipeline to graduation. Then the war begins," was the general consensus. Much like computer programmers in the 1990s, graduates qualified for a career in an energy field are assured a job, it seems. But they'd better be sharp.

The energy industry, it was agreed, is an ever-changing field. And with a large number of employees preparing for retirement, the energy companies are looking for top graduates with leadership capabilities.

Well, FVSU is turning them out with the CDEP program. During the luncheon, 25 new scholarship recipients will be welcomed into the family. And they'll get a good look at what's ahead for them as they rub elbows with graduates and top managers in their future career fields.

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